Monday, May 10, 2010

Field Trip to Detroit!

A few weeks ago the Cultivating Community went on a field trip to Detroit. We started off the morning at Earthworks Urban Farm. Our first task was shoveling mountains of broccoli into wheel barrows and transporting them to compost piles, it was quite fun (I love broccoli). We alternated carrying loads of broccoli with loads of leaves in order to ensure that the compost had a good mix of components. Some members then began planting green onions, while another member threw compost at a large upright screen with a shovel. The compost that fell through the screen was ready for use, while the compost that bounced back was returned to the pile for more decomposition. It was an interesting technique for determining whether or not the compost is ready to be used. Finally we wrapped up our time at the farm by weeding out the rows and rows of garlic (as seen above!). The group had a great time, and afterwards went to Eastern Market, and a spaghetti dinner at the Catherine Ferguson Academy (an all girl's school with a farm).

Special thanks to our participants: Rachel Lu, Lenora, Alicia, Will, Patrick, Danielle and Maya who volunteered at Earthworks!

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