Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sol Food Mobile Farm comes to Ann Arbor!

If your lifelong dream is to travel the country in a vegetable oil bus, bringing joy and plants to each community you pass through, then you may want to take some inspiration from the folks at Sol Food Mobile Farm! They brought their big red bus to Ann Arbor last week and spent an evening harvesting produce, staking tomatoes, and making room for fall crops at the UM campus farm pilot garden.

Before getting to work, volunteers from the Friends of the Campus Farm and Cultivating Community got to peak inside the bus which also serves as a greenhouse, education center, and living space for Eliza, Reid, Ellen, and Dylan who will be making this 10,000 mile journey of service, learning, and teaching together for the next few months.

It was great to have some extra hands to help us out... and some extra hungry people to take home the cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers before the hungry groundhogs beat us to them!

The Sol Food folks shared tips on fall crops, and Jessie shared some delicious purslane with them!

While looking for an illusive tomatoe hornworm, Dara came across our praying mantis friend enjoying a meal :)

Happy trails and travels to the Sol Food Mobile Farm! Thanks for lending a hand and spreading some farming inspiration!

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