Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cultivating Community's "Kitchen Favorites" Plant Sale Fundraiser!

Join us for Cultivating Community's "Kitchen Favorites" Plant Sale Fundraiser this spring (part of a series of plant sales at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens!)

May 21 and May 22, 2011, 10 am to 4 pm, Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Help support student gardeners and stock up on some great heirloom vegetables and herbs grown by Cultivating Community! Also, on May 21 only, the Herb Study Group will be hosting its Herbfest, with herbal information, free herbal samples and recipes, items for sale such as used books about herbs, and more.

Below is the list of plants that will be available at the sale. Want to get involved in Cultivating Community and help prepare for the sale? We love new volunteers! Email!

Vegetables and Fruits

Artichoke- Imperial Star

Broccoli- Belstar

Cabbage- Famosa

Cauliflower- Cheddar

Cauliflower- Skywalker

Cucumber- Little Leaf

Cucumber- Marketmore

Edible flowers-Trailing Nasturtium

Eggplant- Orient Express

Eggplant- Rosa Bianca

Kale- Red Russian

Kale- Toscano

Kohlrabi- Korridor

Melon, Cantaloupe- Sweet Granite

Pac Choi- Mei Qing Choi

Pepper, yellow bell- Flavorburst

Pepper, red bell Red Knight

Pepper, hot cayenne- Andy

Pepper, hot jalapeno- El Jefe

Pepper, hot- Ancho

Pumpkin- Dill’s Atlantic Giant

Strawberry - Ozark

Tomato, paste - Granadero

Tomato, plum - Monica

Tomato, grape - Red Pearl

Tomato, grape - Solid Gold

Tomato, cherry- Sun Cherry

Tomato, pear- Yellow Pear

Tomato, heirloom - Japanese Black Trifele

Tomato, heirloom- Beefsteak

Tomato, heirloom- Black Cherry

Tomato, heirloom- Brandywine

Tomato, heirloom- Cherokee Green

Tomato, heirloom- Cherokee Purple

Tomato, heirloom- Green Zebra

Tomato, heirloom- Mortgage Lifter

Tomato, heirloom- Striped German

Tomato, heirloom- Yellow Brandywine

Tomato, heirloom-Great White

Tomato, heirloom-Pruden's Purple

Watermelon- Sweet Favorite

Winter squash- Organic Waltham Butternut

Zucchini, green- Raven

Zucchini, yellow- Soleil


Basil- Genovese

Basil- Nufar

Basil- Red Rubin

Basil- Sweet Thai

Chives - Common

Chives - Garlic

Dill- Bouquet

Chocolate Peppermint

Lavender - Hidcote

Lavender - Munstead

Marjoram, Sweet

Oregano- Greek

Parsley- Giant of Italy

Parsley - Forest Green


Rosemary - common

Sage- Beggarten

Sage- Grower's Friend

Sage- Icterina

Sage- Purpurascens


Tarragon- French

Thyme - Doone Valley

Thyme - English

Thyme - Golden Lemon

Thyme - Lemon

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