Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cultivatin' Community so far this summer

Happy Summer everyone! It's been a busy-bee spring for Cultivating Community! We've been learnin' and plantin' and harvestin' and field trippin'

Check out these photos of some of our activites so far:

Ginsberg Garden Progress

Late May, Tania in compost pile

Mid June, Our veggies are rockin' out so far!

The garden looks so beautiful thanks to our hard workin' friends

Ginsberg Garden workdays are Mondays and Thursday evenings, everyone is invited!

One of our bountiful harvest days

We've harvested kale, green onions, strawberries, sage, lavender, chives, one raspberry, sage, basil, more kale, and some more kale!

Yum! Fresh Michigan strawberries are the sweetest treats, and a little dirt never hurt anyone! Photo: Kinsey Brock

Greening of Detroit Tree Planting

Tania and Jen working hard to help replant Detroit streets with native trees. Check out Greening of Detroit at

Ann Arbor Compost Tour

We learned how the city manages compost on a large municipal scale.

20 Hoophouses in 20 Days!

Theresa and I helped attach the plastic film to this hoophouse in Stockbridge. Hoophouses extend the growing season in Michigan, which helps out local farmers and local eaters. More info about the community hoop house movement

"Have a beautiful weekend everyone!" Says our new garden guardian (he still needs a name, any ideas?)

Stay tuned for more news about the Ginsberg Garden, potlucks and workshops, and our weekly Detroit kids camp adventures!

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