Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been a busy couple weeks at the Ginsberg Garden, with our trusty volunteers helping to pull the rye grass cover crop, spread a giant heap of compost, hook up rain barrels, and finally plant some seedlings!
We're looking forward to a couple new plants this year: sweet potatoes, chamomile, "crazy spiral" cauliflower, asparagus, and a long, red, roasting pepper, among others. The sweet potatoes are in three different spots trying out three different growing methods to see which one best suits them. A few are in the cold frame, a few more are in the garden on a mound of soil, and the last few are inside a plastic bin growing through black plastic to keep them warm. We're excited to see how they do through the summer!

Aside from the Ginsberg Garden, you'll be able to find Cultivating Community seedlings, grown with love this spring in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens greenhouses, scattered across gardens all over Ann Arbor. We sold a number of these plants at our plant sale a couple weeks ago, but all the leftover needed a good home. So, these plants were donated to local schools and organizations in need of some plants to get their gardens going! Thank you to the following groups for giving our plants a good home:
  • Tappan Middle and Burns Park Elementary Schools
  • UM Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Martin Luther King Elementary School
  • Northside Elementary
  • SELMA Cafe
  • Green Adventures Camp
The folks at Green Adventures already have 300 tomatoes in the ground all ready to grow and ready to help kids grow this summer on their 4 acre farm. Look how happy these tomatoes are already! We're so happy we can support our fellow gardeners in this way. Grow, plants, grow!
(Photo courtesy of Dave Szczygiel)

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