Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Workdays at the Garden!

Now that the garden is all planted and summer is almost officially here... we have a new WEEKLY WORKDAY SCHEDULE! Come out to the Ginsberg Garden (corner of Hill and E. University) to do some weeding and work projects on any or all of these days through the summer:

Monday 5-7pm
Thursday 5-7pm
Friday 10am-1pm
**Every week for the rest of the summer!!**

Workday Details
Mondays: We'll be joining forces with the campus farm (haven't heard about the farm yet? check out the website to learn more!), located at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. If you want to go work on the campus farm, meet at the Ginsberg Garden at 5pm, and we'll drive out there together. If you can't make it to the farm, fear not! We'll still have tasks and snacks to do at the garden.

Thursdays: Cooking day in the garden! In addition to the usual projects, we'll make some sort of garden snack every week! From herb teas to kale chips, there's always something in the garden we can use for a tasty treat.

This Thursday's cooking extravaganza: bolted greens! The sunny spring weather has caused our greens to bolt and turn bitter. The bad news is that they're not so tasty in a salad anymore. The good news is that it gives us an excuse to experiment with the greens before relinquishing them to the compost! Bring your culinary creativity to Thursday's workday and help us turn these bitter greens into savory, sauteed, side dishes! We'll start the workday by building new tomato structures (and doing the usual watering/weeding), but we can end with a feast of greens.
Can't make it Thursday evening? The campus farm has a workday every Thursday at 11am! Stop by the Botanical Gardens to help out!

Fridays: A lovely morning workday and a perfect opportunity to gather some produce to bring home for the weekend!

See you Monday at 5pm :)
--Jessie and Allyson

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