Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The rain barrels are in!

These are rain barrels! As of last Friday they were installed at the Ginsberg Center garden for the season. Rain from the roof is collected in the gutters and directed into the barrels, there are four barrels; each barrel is connected by a hose, which allows the water levels to adjust themselves. If more than four barrels worth of water is collected, a large hose drains the excess out into the storm drain, thus preventing flooding. The barrels are placed on large flats, which give the barrels elevation and thus some water pressure. This pressure allows us to run an underground hose into our garden. Additionally the water collected can be used through spigots in the side of the barrels. The water collected in the barrels will be used to water the garden.

Rain barrels are easy to set up, and can be made out of recycled materials, (old barrels, and hoses). Not only do rain barrels help you create a sustainable way to water your garden, they also will save you money on your utility bill. The water collected in the barrels has also been sitting in the sun during the day and has been heated up a bit. Plants love to be showered with warm water, (cold water gives plants a shock).

The environmental benefits for using rain barrels are enormous, they help protect against erosion, and they also help prevent runoff pollution. Overall i can't seem to think of why someone wouldn't want a rain barrel?

This summer it would be great to get some Cultivating Community artists to paint the barrels to make them look a bit snazzier....

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