Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Picking!

Yesterday we went to Rowe’s Strawberry Patch in Ypsilanti! It was a very fun field trip, and the weather worked out for us. It looked as if it would rain all day, but thankfully we had blue skies and stayed dry. The strawberries were being harvested in full force, there were 13 of us in all, and the patch was packed with numerous other patrons as well. The vines were ripe with tons of berries and picking them was very enjoyable. We all ate quite a few berries while we were out picking; the berries were delicious! We joked that Rowe’s should weigh us before and after and charge us accordingly. Everyone had a great time, and brought home some berries, destined to be made into shortcake, jam, and even dipped in chocolate. On Friday we are hosting a workshop on making strawberry rhubarb jam, using rhubarb from the garden, and strawberries from Rowe’s, Yum! In the words of the Rowe’s employee, Have a Very Berry Day!

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