Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday in Detroit!

Volunteers woke up with the roosters on Saturday morning, and left the reader center in the MBGNA van toward Detroit. On the way we discussed Detroit, and what the day might hold. After a quick 45 minute drive, we arrived at the Central Detroit Christian garden, a cute garden set up in a vacant lot in a quaint neighborhood in Detroit. The garden was located right around the corner from the Peaches &Greens produce store, a store that sells produce to local neighborhoods. The garden we worked at had a cute sign, and about 20 raised gardening beds. The beds needed prep work for the upcoming children’s day camp. In the day camp, local children will be able to plant their own vegetable plants and tend to them. When it comes time to harvest them, children will be able to take home the fruits of their labor to their families.

Upon arrival the raised beds were in need of some tender loving care. After first speaking with some people from CDC, the seven in of us joined in on the work. First, we weeded out the beds that had been overgrown with weeds and pretty flowers. It was sad to pull out the flowers but we had to make way for the vegetables. In the beds one volunteer found some remnants from last years garden, some baby carrots! I even found a radish!

After weeding the beds we used wheelbarrows to bring fresh soil and peat to the beds. The soil looks great and will be perfect for the veggie transplants that the CDC will put in. After filling the beds, our work was almost done! Using mulch donated by home depot, we mulched around the edges on the raised beds to prevent weeds from growing in the aisles.

We took a break for lunch, yummy sandwiches, homemade cookies, and fresh mulberries from the tree. After lunch we did some picking up, and said good bye to the garden! Overall it was a great day and we accomplished quite a bit!

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