Monday, June 28, 2010

Tender Loving Care

We decided to show the Ginsberg Garden a little love last week. Here’s a peek at the garden’s improvements:

Last Monday, at our very productive meeting, we all made silverware wind chimes to display in the Ginsberg Garden. Everyone had fun making these simple and crafty decorations, which visibly combine themes of food, gardening, and creativity!

Holy cats, the garden is growing! By 225 sq. ft! We began the expansion of the garden last Tuesday by moving and turning the compost (a stinky job!).

Last Wednesday, we dug up fencing, put in posts, and reused the old fencing to create new barriers for the expansion. Initially, we thought that the bushes along the outside of the expansion would serve as a natural fence for the new space in the garden. This conveniently placed shrubbery thrilled us, as it reduced the intensity of our labor and the amount of new materials we needed to complete the project. However, while turning the soil on Wednesday afternoon, we spotted a very cute, but very destructive little creature near our beloved tomatoes. A groundhog. Or a woodchuck. Something fuzzy and fat and feeling snacky. On Friday, after the little rascal destroyed an alarming number of leafy greens, we decided to install additional fencing first thing on Monday morning.

And now it’s Monday night, and the labor-intensive part of the expansion is complete! Later this week we’ll be painting and installing pretty signs and planting more veggies!

In addition to the tomatoes and pumpkins, hot peppers, kohlrabi, and red cabbage, are now making their big debut. We also harvested some of the elephant garlic, and were shocked by its size! After uprooting the giant bulbs, the entire garden smelled heavily of garlic for the remainder of the day. 

And lastly, a flower to brighten your day :)

Happy gardening!

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