Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From the Garden to Your Plate: July Newsletter Link

Hi there!

My personal undertaking at the Cultivating Community this summer was to create a monthly newsletter and host seasonal cooking demonstrations with fresh food from the garden. My goal was to demonstrate the link between gardening and eating, and bridge the gap between rounding up the harvest and putting it on the table to eat, share, and enjoy. Here is the link to the first ever Cultivating Community newsletter:

The cherry pie lollipops we indulged on at the July cooking demonstration, made from fresh local cherries. 

In August's edition (to be released the 2nd week of the month), look forward to heirloom recipes, suggestions for sprucing up staple college meals, a list of local food references, and a few other cool things that are in the works :).

Stop by the garden tonight (5-7). Laugh, snack, splash in the mud. We'll see you there, and we'll have a great time!


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