Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pick a berry, eat a berry…

Yesterday night members of the CC gathered at the Arb entrance for an trip that involved huge blackberries, bumble bees, honey, and raspberries. It was a peaceful evening at the Makielski farm. The sun was on the way down, temperatures were cooling and there were many berries just waiting to be picked!

The family owned patch was cute but also expansive. Winding roads led us to giant patches of berries. Intermixed among the berry fields were also squash and pumpkin patches. Everyone enjoyed picking the blackberries, but the best ones were in the middle of the bushes. I didn’t remember how thorny blackberry bushes were; I was quickly reminded of those prickly thorns as I unknowingly reached to the middle of the branches for the best looking ones.

The owner said the best raspberries will be in November! At that time they will be the size of quarters! Well I’m pretty satisfied with how large they were, and how tasty too. Tonight, I make raspberry blackberry jam.

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