Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Update!

Looking around the garden, things have gotten out of control, huge! The pumpkins and squash have literally taken over the garden! It is hard to walk between the new space and the old space because there are so many vines in the way… if only we would have known an expansion project would take place, and we could have planned for it. Overall the garden is lush and alive. We harvested about 10-15 garlic plants at the last workday, and we hung them up in the shed, just like how we learned to do so from Agrarian Adventure. Now our shed will probably smell like garlic for the next year or two.

I know I am always raving about the pumpkin and how large it is getting, but seriously, it is so big, and it is only July. The monster probably weighs at least 30lbs, and is 2ft in diameter now. I am just worried that someone will take it… does anyone have suggestions for hiding it?

Also in the garden is our first full sized tomato that has turned to a nice full red color. I can’t wait for the rest of the tomatoes to ripen as well. The basil is finally thriving in its new home in the expansion area, can’t wait to make some homemade pesto.

A passerby recommended spraying the pepper flowers with Epsom salts in order to have a higher yield, I have heard of this before, perhaps we will try to spray some of the pepper plants this week or next, to see if this actually works.

Something ate our red express cabbage! We are going to try to make something to hold the gate closed to keep the animals out. Stay tuned for more updates!

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