Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gourmet Garden!

A few weeks ago Sara hosted the Cultivating Community’s very first “From your garden to your plate” workshop. The event was an amazing success, we made creamy swiss chard pasta, and learned all about eating locally and organically from the garden and around town. It seems as if recognition of the event’s success has not happened on the blog.

So here are some photos of the lovely event.

First we harvested: garlic, herbs, swiss chard, tomatoes, and peppers for the delicious dinner. Then we cooked up some pasta and chopped the veggies. We sautéed them in a pan with olive oil and added some sour cream, and other ingredients, then walah! The pasta was complete! It was very yummy too! To drink, we had rosemary oregano sun tea, freshly made with herbs from the garden. And for dessert we had adorable mini cherry pies! They were so cute!

The whole event was filmed by a film crew from the Big Ten Network for a segment they are dong on the Cultivating Community. Sara made her debut in her celebrity top chef career!

Soon to come: a link to the wonderful handouts and recipes from the workshop!

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