Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our first Trip to the Focus: HOPE garden

Today we officially began our partnership with Focus: HOPE. We started out summer workshop series in Detroit. We first started off with introductions, and some chocolate milk, then we walked over to the garden to do some plant identifying. We gave the kids journals & magnifying glasses, and worked with the kids, helping them to find some cool plants to draw or write down the names of. Then we started to do some weeding. We were able to get four of the beds weeded, leaving some more weeding for other groups later in the week. The boys fought to pick the largest weeds out of the garden. Everyone was intrigued by the idea of eating leaves, as we dared the kids to eat some herb leaves, like mint, basil, thyme, etc. All too soon, the time with the kids was over. The CC volunteers stayed on to pick up some trash, tidy things up and finish up a few projects. Next time we go, we will find an easier route to get there, and will hopefully have more time to spend with the campers! We will also hopefully be able to give a small presentation on organic fertilizers and make a compost pile for the garden.

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